The Veterans program is designed to serve disabled veterans, active military members and their families. Programs to be offered include sailing, and paddle sports, fishing, physical conditioning, powerboat rides, and community service. Programs are offered free of charge to disabled veterans and their families. Below are some of the programs offered this fiscal.


A vet pictured spending the perfect day at sea.


· Vocational Programs for disabled veterans and adults. Courses are offered using the Shake A Leg Miami fleet and donated vessels. The students learn skills and prepare for employment. They are taught to repair and maintain boats, work in a maintenance shop, brokerage services through the sale of donated boats, engage in customer service and serve as mentors to the youth in the programs. The program participants will receive a certificate of completion, qualify for internships, and be eligible for employment opportunities.


· Boat Building School: The school will offer boat building classes. Students will build the boats from drawings to floating. We are building boat models that have historical significance, including Ralph Munroe designed Sharpie; Military Boats originally built in Miami including PT-1 and Aircraft Rescue Boats. Smaller tabletop model boats will be made for sale and used as gifts by students, interns, and paid positions. Funds will contribute to supporting the growth of the boat building school.


· Veterans Adaptive Sailing Course (ASA): Veterans are given the opportunity to learn how to sail keelboats on Biscayne Bay. Courses start on the first Saturday of every month. This 4-week course teaches all the basic keelboat knowledge and if completed will leave with an American Sailing Association (ASA) certification of completion.


· Veterans Adaptive Fishing: South Florida is rich in ocean life with some of the most abundant waters for fishing activities. Shake A Leg Miami will offer Fishing aboard a wheelchair accessible 40’ pontoon deck boat capable of taking up to 12 veterans with disabilities for half-day fishing trips. Participants will learn the fundamentals of recreational fishing. Participants will be taught fishing ethics to ensure safety and respect for the sustainability of the environment.


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