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Everyone should be able to enjoy the ocean.

We provide a universally accessible Community Watersports Center with specialized activities for children, adults and families, involving the beautiful marine environment of Biscayne Bay.

Learn about our mission, inclusive design, history, team, sponsors, and more.

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Our programs provide fun and accessibility for all!

We provide programs for students, youth, adults, veterans, groups, and families, with or without disabilities.

Check out our programs page to learn how you can participate in Shake-A-Leg Miami's magic!

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Working Together.

In partnership with world class organizations, companies and people.

Making An Impact.

Thanks to a generous network of supporters, we're making a difference, and we have the numbers to prove it.



From children and adults of all abilities to Shake-A-Leg in the past year


Volunteer Hours

From adult and teen mentors and volunteers in the past year


Dollars Given Through Scholarships

For Miami-Dade children and adults with disabilities and/or economic challenges in the past year

Changing Lives.

See what others have to say about Shake-A-Leg.

“I started volunteering at Shake-A-Leg in high school and I was inspired by everything they do for the community... There really is a way for anyone to make an impact, no matter your abilities.”
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Diego Mallens
Shake-A-Leg has given me the opportunity to make connections with people of all abilities and has broadened my idea of what is possible in the world.”
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Alyssa Millet
Youth Programs Coordinator
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Make a Difference

Join a community of donors and volunteers providing an inclusive environment for people with disabilities, veterans, and their families.