December 21, 2023

UM School of Architecture Students Design Universally Accessible Houseboats and Cruise Lines

A recent project by the UM School of Architecture focused on creating concepts for universally accessible houseboats and cruise lines. The students presented their findings at Shake-A-Leg Miami in front of the replica of Hemingway's Pilar.

The primary objective of the project was to ensure that the architecture of houseboats and cruise lines incorporates accessibility considerations for individuals with disabilities, including wheelchair users.

The presentation at Shake-A-Leg Miami was the culmination of the students' hard work and dedication to designing aesthetically pleasing, inclusive, and accessible structures. The backdrop of the Hemingway Pilar replica emphasized the significance of universal accessibility in all aspects of design. This project has the potential to revolutionize the boating and cruise industry, making it more accessible and enjoyable for all.