December 14, 2023

UM CARD Representative Visits Shake-A-Leg Miami Marine & Hospitality Program

Shake-A-Leg Miami Marine and Hospitality Vocational Program is an exceptional program that provides job training for young adults with disabilities. The program is designed to equip these individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue fulfilling careers in the marine and hospitality industries.

At UM CARD, they are committed to supporting the community and empowering individuals with disabilities. During Maria Henao & Jacquealyn Moultrie UM Card Representatives recent visit to Shake-A-Leg Miami, they learned more about our MHVP and explored ways in which we can work together to create more opportunities for young adults with disabilities.

We firmly believe that partnerships like this are crucial in creating a more inclusive society and providing opportunities for all individuals to reach their full potential. We are excited to collaborate with UM CARD to continue our efforts in supporting individuals with disabilities and helping them achieve their dreams.