July 27, 2023

Summer Joy!

Summer Camper

We also interviewed one of our tried-and-true campers to see how this summer’s been going for her, what she’s learned, and her favorite activity. Jordin answered, “My summer’s been really good! This may have been one of the best years I’ve had! It’s just so much to do! I love the variety” BEST SUMMER EVER! For us too!  We do our best to offer activity diversity and keep things interesting here at SALM! In response to her favorite activity she said, “That’s a hard decision but I’d have to say going out on the Pearson. I just love it out there on the water!” It’s our happy place! As an honorary camper for many years, we were interested in hearing about what she learned at this year’s camp, and she told us, “Teambuilding and teamwork! This is something that I was struggling with, I'm a person who normally works best alone, but being here at SALM this summer I’ve really learned the importance of working together and the reward of accomplishing goals together”