July 28, 2023

Sea Breeze Please!


Next, we checked in with our first-time mentor to see how he was getting along and some of the exciting activities he’s been partaking in he responded, “It’s really great so far, It's my first Shake-A-Leg Summer, and it's such a change from being home playing video games, I wanted to be a part of something meaningful! I’ll definitely be back!” So happy to hear you’re enjoying it! We hope to have you back next summer! "When asked about him favorite activity, he beamed and quickly interjected with, “Sailing, definitely Sailing, I may not be the best sailor myself, but I love being out there” Coasting through beautiful bay waters, we can surely attest that there is nothing else like it! We then asked him what his most impactful lesson was, and he said, “Probably patience and understanding that everyone is different and unique in their own special way and that it’s important to recognize that and be mindful” So many powerful messages and lessons being realized and how proud we are to teach them.