March 15, 2024

Sailing Together Forever

The We Can Sail Program at Shake-A-Leg Miami Inc. is doing amazing. This program is specially designed for children with disabilities. Participants get to enjoy various activities for half a day on the bay, such as boat rides, land-based activities, sailing, kayaking, and fishing. Children with disabilities are teamed up with high school-aged mentors who are trained to ensure the children have a fun, educational, and safe experience.

Additionally, the program emphasizes family involvement by inviting families to join and partake in the activities alongside their child. The relationships formed between the children and their mentors often extend beyond the program, fostering enduring friendships and memories. Through the We Can Sail Program, participants not only acquire new skills but also develop confidence, independence, and a sense of belonging. The shared moments of joy and laughter on the water bring everyone closer, establishing a supportive and inclusive community where everyone is respected and cherished.

While sailing together, facing challenges like wind and waves, we discover that with teamwork, perseverance, and a spirit of adventure, anything is achievable. Each day spent on the water serves as a reminder that there are no boundaries to what we can accomplish when we back each other up. Ultimately, it's not just about sailing; it's about the collective journey we embark on, navigating through obstacles and victories hand in hand, sailing together forever.