March 15, 2024

Preparing Participants for the World Ahead!

Shake-A-Leg Miami Marine & Hospitality Vocational Program (MHVP) is making a significant impact on the lives of the participants through classroom instruction and hands-on training, preparing them for a bright future.

Recently, three talented young ladies from our MHVP Program and instructors Mike Rubin., Andy Varat. and Christina Mallon. have joined forces with Miami-Dade College Fashion Institute to design adaptive clothing for individuals with disabilities, showcasing their creativity. Their designs, which seamlessly blend style and functionality, are breaking barriers and redefining norms. The commitment of these budding designers to cater to the specific needs of the disabled community is not only commendable but also essential in promoting diversity and accessibility in fashion. The designs created will be displayed in the spring, certain designs for kids will be available for summer camp.

It is heartening to witness the transformative impact that education and creativity can have when they intertwine to create something truly remarkable. As these visionary designers continue to pave the way for a more inclusive and accepting fashion landscape, we eagerly anticipate the ripple effect their creations will have on the industry. Their dedication to making a difference serves as a powerful reminder of the positive change that can be achieved through innovation, compassion, and a shared vision of a brighter, more inclusive future.

Shake-A-Leg Miami Marine & Hospitality Vocational program is truly a beacon of hope for many individuals looking to carve a path towards a successful future. The dedication of the participants, combined with the invaluable guidance provided through classroom instruction and hands-on training, is truly inspiring. We greatly appreciate the support from the state department of education, Peacock Foundation and Kirk Foundation.