February 2, 2024

Shake-A-Leg Miami's Vocational Program: Preparing Participants for a Bright Future in Marine and Hospitality Industries

Shake-A-Leg Miami's Marine and Hospitality Vocational Program is a remarkable initiative that aims to equip participants with the necessary skills for the marine and hospitality industries with the support of State Representative Vickey Lopez and Member of the Florida State Senate Alexis Calatayud. The program presently has seventeen active participants, with room for more to join and explore career paths in these sectors.

The program offers hands-on training in boat maintenance, hospitality service, and customer relations, led by seasoned professionals in the field. This experience provides students with invaluable knowledge and insight that will aid them in their future careers.

Shake-A-Leg Miami is dedicated to promoting inclusion and accessibility in the community. They offer a range of recreational programs for individuals with disabilities, striving to foster equal opportunities for all.

If you or someone you know is interested in Shake-A-Leg Miami's Marine and Hospitality Vocational Program, don't hesitate to contact the organization. Their committed team of professionals is eager to help you navigate your path in the industry and achieve your career goals.

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