October 24, 2023

Kingdom Academy Takes Shake-A-Leg Miami

Kingdom Academy Takes Shake-A-Leg Miami

Shake-A-Leg Miami had the privilege of hosting The Kingdom Academy students for a day. Students were enthusiastic and eager to learn throughout the entire field trip. They showed a genuine interest in marine life and were excited to explore the waters through sailing and kayaking.

During the marine life session, the students were engaged as they learned about the bay, habitat around them and our fleet. They asked insightful questions and actively participated in the interactive activities.

The sailing and kayaking sessions were a highlight of the day. The students had the opportunity to learn basic sailing techniques and navigate the waters in kayaks. They enthusiastically embraced the challenges and worked together as a team to hone their skills.

The day concluded with an amazing boat ride on the bay. The students were in awe of the stunning views and enjoyed the refreshing sea breeze. It was a perfect way to end the field trip, providing the students with a memorable and unique experience.

We were impressed with the Kingdom Academy students' behavior and enthusiasm throughout the day. They were respectful towards the instructors and showed great teamwork and camaraderie amongst themselves.

Overall, the Kingdom Academy students had a great time at Shake a Leg Miami for their group field trip. They were able to learn about marine life, experience sailing and kayaking, and enjoy a beautiful boat ride on the bay. We hope to welcome them back in the future for more adventurous outings.