June 28, 2022

Kappa Alpha Psi joins SALM for a Supper Successful Mangrove Cleanup

The University of Miami’s Iota Chi chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity collaborated with Shake-A-Leg Miami and FOCUS Miami for a super successful Mangrove Cleanup!  We began with the mangroves right next to Shake, which collects tons of litter; both from people on land not using proper refuse receptacles and from high tides carrying in the trash which gets tangled in their roots.  There were plastic bottles, shopping bags, lids, and tons of microplastics—but not anymore!  After a quick stop to empty our burlap sacks (which were already getting heavy!), we then boarded the Pearson and headed to the island to continue on our quest!  Once on the island, we learned about Miami’s fragile & deteriorating ecosystem, in which the mangroves are so integral.  We got to see first-hand how they collect pollutants, prevent erosion, and provide an incredible sheltered habitat for tons of animals!  With heavy bags and light hearts, we eventually headed back to Shake-A-Leg, where John & Veronica were named the winners of the cleanup, getting the opportunity to go on an eco-tour on one of our Hobiecat sailboats with Focus Miami and a friend!  To the Kappas, thank you so much for getting up early on a Sunday and coming to volunteer your time to uplift our community!  Each person lends a tremendous help in impacting both our world and the hearts of everyone living in it!