June 28, 2023

Giving Back and Making a Difference to Those Who Matter!

On June 26th our friend and sponsor, Dougan Clark, the founder of TUUCI, stopped by to give back to the Leggers during summer camp. Dougan has supported our mission and work that we do hereat Shake- A-Leg Miami for the past few years, providing our site with branded umbrellas and monetary support over the years. Today he wanted to sit down and spend a little quality time with our campers, sharing childhood memories and stories about him as a 9-year-old growing up on the water as a Miami native. He wanted the kids to know that he believes in them and that they should never stop believing in themselves, and with hard work and dedication anything is possible. He shared his story about starting the Tucci brand and how he never let any obstacle no matter how big or small stop him from achieving his goals.