November 21, 2023

Ransome Everglades X Shake-A-Leg Miami Day on the Bay

On November2nd, we had the pleasure of hosting a group of incredible students from Ransom Everglades School for a "Day on the Bay" experience. This collaboration between Shake-A-Leg Miami and Ransom Everglades allowed us to provide these young individuals with an unforgettable day filled with adventure, learning, and connection to the beautiful waters of Miami.

Throughout the day, the Ransom Everglades students had the opportunity to engage in various water activities, including a mangrove clean-up, eco-tours, and powerboat rides. As a bonus, they also got the chance to explore the Impossible Dream Catamaran vessel and learn about it, as well as the Candela Hydro foiling Electric Boats. It was a day filled with adventure and learning. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, they learned valuable skills and gained a deeper appreciation for the environment and the power of teamwork. The enthusiasm and eagerness of these students were truly inspiring, as they fearlessly embraced every challenge and eagerly absorbed new knowledge.

Ransome Everglades teachers deserve recognition for their exceptional work in providing quality education and guidance to their students. Their dedication and commitment to their profession contribute significantly to the overall growth and success of the school community.

In addition to the water activities, the team organized interactive educational sessions that focused on marine conservation and the importance of preserving our oceans. These sessions provided a platform for the students to discuss and brainstorm ways to make a positive impact on our environment. Witnessing their passion for sustainability was a true testament to their commitment to becoming responsible global citizens.