November 21, 2023

Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart Giving Back

On October26th a group of dedicated Carrollton students joined forces with Shake-A-Leg Miami to make a difference in our local community. On that sunny October day, students eagerly arrived at Shake-A-Leg Miami, ready to lend helping hand. They were greeted by a group of warm and enthusiastic team members, excited to embark on a day of community service. The students were divided into groups and assigned different tasks to ensure the smooth running of the day.

During their time at Shake-A-Leg Miami, the volunteers participated in a cleaning of the Biscayne Bay mangroves. This activity is crucial for the preservation of the mangrove ecosystem and the overall health of Biscayne Bay. By removing debris and plastics from the mangroves, the students helped maintain the habitat and protect the marine life that depends on it.

The Carrollton students' involvement in this community service project not only aided Shake-A-Leg Miami but also fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation for individuals with disabilities. It served as a reminder that we are all capable of making a positive impact, regardless of our differences.