February 2, 2024

SALM Hosts Inclusive Bay Day for Disabled Community

On January 21st, SALM held its first Bay Day of the year, offering disabled individuals and their loved ones a chance to enjoy a day on the bay. Members of the community were treated to a variety of activities, from powerboat rides to sailing, as well as music and food. The event was a huge success, with many smiling faces taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying the festivities.

The SALM team went above and beyond to ensure that everyone was accommodated and felt welcome. They provided accessible ramps and adapted activities to suit different needs. The team's dedication to inclusivity was evident in every aspect of the event. Moreover, the Bay Day provided a great opportunity for members of the disabled community to connect and share experiences.

We hope to see you all as we continue hosting Bay Days throughout the year, creating a space for everyone to come together and enjoy the beauty of the bay.