March 15, 2024

M32 Round of the Rivalry

The intense rivalry between Team X and Youngblood, captained by the Julien brothers, electrified the atmosphere at the second M32 regatta of the 23-24 North American series. Spectators were captivated by the fierce battle for supremacy between the sibling teams, which culminated in a thrilling showdown in the final race. In a heart-stopping finish, Jake Julien of Team X emerged victorious, showcasing his remarkable skills under pressure. Not to be outdone, the youngest Skipper in the fleet, Miles Julien, displayed a competitive spirit that belied his age. His determination and talent promise a bright future filled with more thrilling victories on the horizon. Meanwhile, amidst the Julien brothers' captivating duel, Don Wilson's expert navigation on Convexity secured a well-deserved third place in the series, adding another layer of excitement to the exhilarating competition. As the teams set their sights on future regattas, the stage is set for even more thrilling battles and inspiring performances in the world of sailing.