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For questions and/or information, please contact Brian Lynch at [lynchb@unitedwaymiami.org]lynchb@unitedwaymiami.org.


Sports and Abilities Access Family Bay Day

Come and join us for an exciting day at sea where we will be cruising with fun boat rides, serving free food, kayaking, sailing, and exploring the beautiful Coconut Grove Bay area.

 Where to come: 

Shake-A-Leg Miami reception/front desk.
* Parking available in the main car parking lot and tickets can be validated at the front desk.


Sunday, December 4th 2016


From 11am - 3pm


All support group members and their caregivers are welcome.

What to bring: 

Water bottles, sun screen, sunglasses, clothing suitable for protection in hot weather conditions, and water shoes.

Please direct all enquiries to Karis Starke at karis@shakealegmiami.org.

Shake A Leg Miami 2620 South Bayshore Drive Miami, Florida 33133 United States Phone: 305-858-5550