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Programs for Veterans and Adults with Disabilities


These programs include recreational outings, instruction, community service, and social activities. Special weekend programs will be designed to serve visiting guests.


Veterans' Program

Is designed to serve soldiers and their families. Programs to be offered this year include sailing, rowing, and paddling instruction, fishing, physical conditioning, a veteran's lounge, and community service. Programs are offered free of charge to disabled veterans and their families.

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Program for People with Disabilities

Adults with disabilities who are interested in water activities such as sailing, rowing, fishing, power boating, paddling instruction, and physical conditioning. The disabled adults programs will also accommodate special events that are accessible for families and the community.

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Research and Development

Shake-A-Leg Miami's mission is to improve the accessibility of water sports for people with disabilities and youth. We work with the industry to make existing boats and equipment more accessible as well as developing new and innovative boats and equipment.

Please contact Karis Starke at karis@shakealegmiami.org


Vocational Program/Boat Maintenance and Repair

In collaboration with Miami-Dade County public schools transition program(s) and the WOW Center, students will learn about boat maintenance and repair, operating in a workshop, working with various tools, creating adaptive equipment aids, and more. Students will also learn about engine repair, woodworking, and other aspects in repair and restoration of boats.

Please contact Karis Starke at karis@shakealegmiami.org

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