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In 1990 SALM partnered with the City of Miami to develop a watersports facility for people with disabilities. An accessible dock was built so that all members, regardless of disability, could experience the ocean. When SALM was launched out of the US Coast Guard Hangar, the organization served 300 people with four 20-foot sailboats. 

Currently over 8,800 people  are served annually by SALM. The organization now includes a fleet of 20 sailboats, 60 kayaks, and several safety boats. The universally accessible facilities we operate out of today were constructed in 2002. We are proud to have created a model organization that is the result of public-private partnership. 

We exist today because of the demand in our community for an inclusive and stimulating environment based in water sport activities as well as community service. We could not function and serve the wonderful citizens of Miami without the generous support of individuals, foundations, companies, and organization in Florida and around. 

































Shake A Leg Miami 2620 South Bayshore Drive Miami, Florida 33133 United States Phone: 305-858-5550