High School students who are interested in becoming Mentors will be required to complete the following courses.  Mentors are integrated into many of our different programs including summer camps.  Specific courses are available and required in the mentoring process.  The Mentors will be assigned different roles based on course completion.  The available roles are listed below alongside their requirements.

Youth Mentors work directly with the children in the Seaworthy and summer programs. At this level,
mentors will be introduced to the diverse world of inclusion. Mentors must complete the following
courses to qualify for this level:
• SALM001
• SALM002
• SALM003

Outdoor Educator mentors work on the water in the weekend and summer programs. At this level,
mentors will learn how to safely operate boats and make accommodations for people with special needs
on the water. Outdoor Educator Mentors must complete all Youth Mentor requirements and the
following courses:
• EDU001
• WAT001
• WAT002

This is the final level of the Education & Mentoring Program. At this level, mentors are on their way to
becoming a camp counselor or outdoor educator based on work performance (employment is not
guaranteed). Mentors must complete all Star and O.E. mentor courses before becoming an intern.


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