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One time donations and strategic gifts

One Time Donations and Strategic Gifts

You can make a life-changing impact by making a donation to Shake-a-Leg Miami. Working together, we align your philanthropic goals with the needs of Shake-a-Leg Miami. You can support our mission in so many ways, a one time donation, plan a gift, celebrate a loved one, name a boat, scholarships and much more.

Summer Scholarship Opportunities

  • Marine Academy Camp: $1500 per child for the entire 8 week program
  • Water Sports Camp: $500 per child for the 2 week program
  • Adventure Island Camp: $500 per child for the 2 week program

Spinal Chord Injury Support Group

  • Group outings $500

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Make a contribution and improve a life! Help children and adults with disabilities have a time they won't forget out on the water!

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