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Boating Club

The boating club provides a social setting that is based upon being part of a group of people who are committed to using the marine environment to improve the quality of life of members with an emphasis on serving people with disabilities and their families. Members have access to all equipment and programs and activities. Members are required to contribute volunteer time.


Sailboats (Freedoms, Visions, Hobie Cats)

Sail Boats=$175 ½ day rental/ $275 Full Day Rentals


Power Boats (Grady White, Pontoon Boat, Sea Squirt)

Pontoon Boat= $1,000 ½ Day Rental/ $1,500 Full Day Rentals


U.S Sailing Class= $325


Monday-Sunday (9:00 am-5:00 pm)

Please call (305)858-5550 and press 1 for reception


U.S Sailing Class offered only on weekends

Please contact Karis Karis@shakealegmiami.org




Shake A Leg Miami 2620 South Bayshore Drive Miami, Florida 33133 United States Phone: 305-858-5550