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Annual Field Trips & Outings

These are one-day outings, five to ten week programs and special packages, for youth with and without disabilities. This program guarantees an enjoyable educational adventure. Schools, private organizations, group homes, sports teams, to name a few, can enjoy a day (or multiple days) of fun and educational sailing or kayaking excursions along our picturesque Bay and on Adventure Island. We have posted Ransom Everglades, NSU-UMCARD, VACC Camp, Seasons Hospice, Tottenville High School, and others.


$50 per person full day 7hrs/ $25 per person ½ Day 3.5hrs


 Seven Days a Week(October 1, 2015 – May 1, 2016)

Please contact Karis Starke at karis@shakealegmiami.org



Shake A Leg Miami 2620 South Bayshore Drive Miami, Florida 33133 United States Phone: 305-858-5550