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Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program





Shake-A-Leg Miami has teamed up with Spirit of America to train high-school volunteers to mentor our campers in the summer. These students guide the children through the wonders of the Bay, and engage them in water. The children are not the only recipients of this positive experience. The mentors, too, grow and learn from the same kids they serve. They also learn the basics of water sports, boating, as well as team-building and leadership skills.

Shake-A-Leg Miami trains volunteers to mentor our campers during summer camp. Our volunteers or mentors, generally local high school students, work with our children to experience everything Biscayne Bay has to offer. Through water sports, environmental science, service projects and life skill building, our volunteers guide our children in activities they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. Whether our children face physical, intellectual or economic challenges, they grow and experience the water through our mentors. What our mentors find is that they grow and learn from the rich experience as much as the children do.


The aim of the Mentoring program is to provide an enriched opportunity for these students to serve our children. In addition we are exposing our mentors to a community that they may not be fully aware of through inclusion.


In training, our mentors will learn the basics of water sports and develop other skills such as self-confidence, communication, boating and community safety, team building, leadership, punctuality and responsibility.  The program will also emphasize the accessibility of water sports and educate students about various disabilities, transfer techniques, volunteerism and proper protection against the elements.


Mentoring Application

If you would like to join our team of summer mentors, contact:Cynthia@shakealegmiami.org



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