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Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

The Education and Mentoring Training Program: is designed for high-school aged students who are interested in learning to work with children with disabilities, become proficient in watersports and other aspects of the operation. They learn to use Biscayne Bay as a classroom to improve participants’ academic performance and pro-social skills through water sports and enrichment activities. Mentors gain valuable life skills, community service hours and experience that assist with college applications.

Shake-A-Leg Miami (SALM) has teamed up with Spirit of America, The Children’s Trust, The Advocacy Network, Project RISE of Nova, UM-NSU CARD and Coast Guard to provide training to high-school volunteers to mentor our campers in the summer. These students guide the children through the wonders of the Bay, and engage them in water. The children are not the only recipients of this positive experience. The mentors, too, grow and learn from the same kids they serve. They also learn the basics of water sports, boating, as well as team-building and leadership skills.

The aim of the Mentoring program is to provide an enriched opportunity for these students to serve our children. In addition, we are exposing our mentors to a community that they may not be fully aware of through inclusion.


  1. How do I get started? Fill out the application below.

  2. How do I register for training(s)? The training calendar will be available to all registered mentors in our database by email. You may also contact Cynthia@shakealegmiami.org for more information.

  3. What training is needed to volunteer in the summer? Mentor Orientation, Intro to Inclusion, Autism Awareness and Water Certification.

  4. I took the trainings in 2016. Do I need to take them again? The Water Certification is good and does not need renewal. Mentor Orientation, Intro to Inclusion and Autism Awareness must be renewed each year.

  5. Is it possible to get hours now? You must email Cynthia@shakealegmiami.org for more opportunities.


 Please contact Cynthia, cynthia@shakealegmiami.org for the mentor application. 



No refunds*



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