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WHO is Shake-A-Leg Miami? It is South Florida’s premiere Community Boating Center, a 501(c)3 organization that has worked in partnership with the City of Miami for the past 23 years. SALM is located on the waterfront of Miami’s beautiful Biscayne Bay, and enjoys facilities which include a marina with a variety of boats and kayaks, a boatyard and boat repair area, multipurpose classrooms with computers, a multimedia lab, a rooftop observation deck and, most importantly, two islands (Eco Islands) on Biscayne Bay. SALM’s mission is to use the marine environment to improve the health, education, and independence of adults and children with disabilities, as well as disadvantaged youth and their families.

WHAT does Shake-A-Leg Miami provide to children and adults in the community? We open up a unique marine environment which, during FY 2012-2013, served more than 8,400 children and adults - approximately 25% with disabilities. Throughout the year, 34,000 people visited the facility, and 650 students and adults served as volunteers. Shake-A-Leg Miami programs include:

·         All-access programs for adults and children with disabilities. 

·         Programs for the general public including water sports group and private instruction in sailing, boating, paddling, fishing, and water safety, as well as group and corporate outings, special events, and much more. 

·         During school, after school, weekend, vacation, and summer programs for youth and students of all abilities. 

·         Mentoring opportunities where students are teaching students through activities such as Bay Clean-up Days and service projects allowing everyone to “give back”. 

·         Veterans’ programs designed to serve returning, wounded soldiers and their families

·         The “We Can Sail” and “Kids Club” weekend programs, where more than 40 high school mentors and many adult volunteers help families with disabled children and adults enjoy on-the-water programs. Over 100 families participated during FY 2012-2013, with more than 6,000 visits to our weekend programs.  

·         Community service, internships, and volunteerism are a daily occurrence at Shake-A-Leg Miami. Last year, more than 650 students and adults served as volunteers.  

WHEN is Shake-A-Leg Miami open to community? Every day! Our programs and outings for children and adults are available Monday through Friday throughout the day and evening. On weekends, we really shake it up with our sailing classes, We Can Sail programs on Saturdays and Sundays, Kids Club, and much more. 

WHERE do donations to Shake-A-Leg Miami go? Donations by partners, trustees, foundations, and friends are used to cover the costs of providing activities in the marine environment for the children and adults we serve who are disabled and/or disadvantaged. For example, two weeks of summer camp for a disabled child is estimated to cost $500, and a two-week, after-school program is valued at $250. 

WHY are donations needed?  Shake-A-Leg Miami is funded through donations and contributions, grants, and memberships. Philanthropy and grants fund approximately 80% of the budget. Funding provides services for children and adults with disabilities who are unable to contribute toward improving their health, education, and independence in the marine environment. Giving opportunities include trusteeships ranging from $1,000 to $100,000, some with the ability to name our programs. The Community BayWorks partnership is a corporate engagement program with a donation of $10,000 which encourages corporate leaders and their employees to engage in volunteerism while utilizing our facilities and island for team building, annual retreats, and other corporate events. 

HOW can you help Shake-A-Leg Miami? You can help us by making a donation and becoming a Trustee, a Community BayWorks Partner, or a Friend of Shake-A-Leg Miami so that we can continue our mission to use the marine environment to improve the health, wellness, and independence of disabled and disadvantaged children and adults. 

For more information, please contact Isabel Medina at isabel@shakealegmiami.org.


Shake A Leg Miami 2620 South Bayshore Drive Miami, Florida 33133 United States Phone: 305-858-5550